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"I grew up in a family of chiropractic 'skeptics", admits Dr. Michael Shippy.

Shippy Chiropractic: Dr. Michael Shippy

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After high school, I had cemented my plan to become a healthcare provider of some sort. I spent that summer and my first semester at Texas Christian University exploring the career paths of various healthcare providers. That semester, I became friends with someone who planned to become a Chiropractic Doctor. I spent the next several months exploring Chiropractic. I fell in love with the idea of helping people with a more natural, drugless model than the one that I grew up with. I remember the conversation I had with my parents when I told them of my aspirations to become a Chiropractic Doctor. As I sat down to the kitchen table to talk to them and tell them of my decision I was very nervous. To my surprise, my mother looked at my father and me and said, I have a confession. I have been a Chiropractic patient for the past several years and have not told you!

My mom was no longer a Chiropractic skeptic. She related her story to my father and me. Apparently, she had been suffering severe neck and radiating arm pain that would not let up. Fed up with taking medication, she decided to take a friend's advice and seek the care of a local Chiropractor. She then explained that she had gotten relief from her symptoms as the result of the treatment at this Chiropractic office. Within the week, I went with my mother to visit her Chiropractor. My fate was sealed. I was to be a Chiropractor!

Plano Chiropractor : Education

My premedical courses were completed at Texas Christian University and the University of Texas at Arlington. In the winter of 1989, I entered Texas Chiropractic College. There I received my Bachelor of Science in Human Biology and my Doctor of Chiropractic degrees. I graduated in April of 1992 as the valedictorian of my class and with summa cum laude honors. I was a member of the Omega Psi Honor Society and was named the Student of the Year in 1992.

At Shippy Chiropractic, we continually evaluate and test new therapeutic equipment to bring the best-of-the-best treatment and care to our patients.

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“Enough about me! How can we help you with today’s safe and natural Chiropractic care? Give us a call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.”

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